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California Gold and the Redding of California


Back in 2013 I released a couple of prophetic words regarding another “gold rush" coming to California. Some aspects of those words have been fulfilled, but the Lord has been speaking to me that the next level  of fulfillment of those prophetic words is ready to engage now. There is a another "gold rush" about to ignite over California. Back in 2013, I was told that 90 percent of California’s treasure remains untapped. 90 percent of the original Mother Lode of gold (an area approximately 4 miles by 120 miles) has never been extracted. I will share more on that later in this word. California is called "The Golden State" and is informally known as "El Dorado" (Golden) and "The Land of Milk and Honey." It is truly a "Promised Land" that was seemingly hidden to all but Native Americans for centuries. One day we are going to find out some mysteries about ancient California that are going to simply amaze us. Any study of the layers and geological plates of California will tell you that there was something intense going on here a long time ago that we really know very little about. It is a special and chosen land, and there is a reason that many historic revivals were birthed here. There is a reason the whole world has been advanced through the economic and social media platforms developed here. It is a land uniquely precious to the Holy Spirit because of some ancient history we don’t presently know about. An ancient evil was judged here and that ancient evil keeps contending for California again. I believe a portal of glory resides over this state and it is imperative that we as believers never cease contending for its full opening. When it opens it touches the world. When it is closed the world is harmed. It is presently, partially open and in process of opening more, but another level is coming.

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Every year at about this time I am moved to a place of great hope as God shows me some of the things He will do in the coming year. This year the hope and the joy is almost uncontainable. 2016 was a year of the convergence of the ages with the Azusa Revival 110th anniversary and our national presidential election being the highlights. I have written much about both of them, and it is important to note that one year builds on a previous year and important events and celebrations release greater events and celebrations. 

Rosh Hashanah 2015 to Rosh Hashanah 2016 brought us the 70th year of Jubilee and this unprecedented year of Jubilee brought us God’s choice of Donald Trump as President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. Trump at age 70 became elected President of this nation during the Hebraic year 5777. On inauguration day he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. Because the Electoral College changed some votes it allowed Trump to end up with exactly 77 more electoral votes. 7 is the prime number of God and is why there are 7 spirits of God.

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TRUMPQUAKE! What's Next?


With the election of Donald J. Trump, the United States and the world itself has just experienced a global-rattling earthquake, which will release tsunami waves of reformation changes for some time. No matter who wins elections, God remains King at all times and this time, because He is King, He chose and voted in the man of His choice. In the matrix of the spirit realm, as He placed Trump into power, He also released unprecedented wave after wave of the hosts of heaven. These heavenly hosts have heavily damaged three major principalities over government, media, and the economy - and will continue to do so. The principalities were conspiring and doing everything in their power to sabotage this political result. They are not afraid of Trump’s righteousness, but rather they're afraid of the size of the heavenly army they see moving in synchronicity with him. In this day it's important for all of us to understand that this is not about politics.  It's not about left or right. It's not about our favorite political issue or our debates over the character or lack of it in "our candidate." This is about recognizing that God has intervened in the affairs of man and learning to agree with Him.

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Election Update: God Will Vote- and Win


We are 3 weeks away from the United States Presidential Election and it is either still all up for grabs- or if you believe most of the main media polls it is all over and Hillary Clinton has in essence already won. For a truer polling perspective perhaps follow Rasmussen polls as they seem to be more devoid of a personal agenda in their polling. One day we will understand the value of having a kingdom polling institution that is recognized by the people for its objectivity- but for now we can exist with what is here.

Hillary or Donald?

However, this post is not to give you analysis of the present polling nor to wrestle with you to vote one way or the other. This post is to state that this election God has decided to put in who He wants in and He is going to do so. We already know that if His two options are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that in either case He will be working with imperfect vessels. Furthermore the person that does win has some foundational policies and ways of presently thinking that God does not support- yet He has chosen this person and is going to work with this person. God will be the King that He is and the next president will be His pawn. This is as sure as sure can be and you can rest in that reality. No matter who wins- America will move forward into advanced destiny and in that yes there will be some trials as well- but it will be overall a very good thing. I saw a vision of the person I believe will be President, set on fire by the Lord and totally consumed by Him once this person was sworn in. There is a great fiery angel that oversees our Presidential seat and he is given specific parameters by our God related to who is in. It is why it is so hard to get a good read right now because neither candidate is presently truly representative of the Lord’s heart for people- or even this nation. One of them however has a prewiring designed to make them a better pawn for our God.

Drink Before You Think. Drink Before You Vote.

It takes discernment to know who to vote for at this time and the more susceptible to the political spirit you are- the more difficulty you will have in discerning. I did receive an instruction from the Lord some time ago - “Drink before you think” and “Drink before you vote.”- that might be really good for all of us at this time. The drinking He was talking about was the drinking in of the Holy Spirit. When you drink in of the Holy Spirit He begins to show you two things- #1 is who the Father is appointing President and #2 is who the enemy is scared to death of and working overtime to defeat. Sometimes if you can’t discern what God is doing you need only look at who the enemy is conspiring against to know a right direction.

God Will Not Be Defeated

Here is the deal- THIS ELECTION GOD WILL NOT BE DEFEATED. He often lets a nation in essence chose who they want as He can still show His sovereignty and teach important lessons even in that process. This election however is unique. If you think territorial principalities are good at imposing their will on a people under their influence- you can raise that ability by a hundred times and you have our God’s capabilities to impose His will. He rarely does it but He always CAN do it. It is His Sovereign right since through Jesus He regained ALL authority in heaven AND ON EARTH (Mt.28:18). It is the year 5777 and the Triune Godhead will fully intervene in a 777 complete manner. This election He has predetermined some outcomes and He is quite good at influencing our “free will” when He chooses to do so. One day when we all get to look "behind the curtain" we will see that our democracies have all been much less decided by our voting than what we imagined. Many elections in many nations have been “stolen” but in none of them has God been left without a voice or an option. He can execute a leader on the spot (see Herod) or He can send one angel in to take out an army of 185,000 (2 Kings 19:35). God is never option-less nor as handicapped by our free will as we might think. Our free will doesn’t dictate to God but only instructs us later as to why God chose the route He did to do what He did. Adam and Eve exercised “free will” in the garden but it did not surprise nor dictate to God- it only allowed us to later understand why Jesus was the Lamb slain from BEFORE the foundation of the earth. His Sovereignty makes room for our free will but He yet remains Sovereign. So God is observing how we vote this year but He is not wringing His hands at the potential outcomes. It is mainly for our own future learning.

God’s Lose/Lose Proposition?

This year God has some seeming lose/lose propositions. If He puts Trump in- He can have people assuming that means He’s a protectionist, nationalistic-me first, less compassionate, crude is ok- God. Nothing can be further from the truth. If He puts Hillary in- He can have people believing He winks at a lot of lying, corruption and manipulation. That is also extremely far from the truth. Each candidate’s core character may only be about 10% different from each other (I will leave the judging to God)- yet one candidate’s "hard wiring" is very conducive for God accelerating a work in our time and one is not. I believe GOD is going to accelerate a work in our time. It is the dawn of the kingdom age and we are in a kairos season of God’s intentional “tinkering” with the destiny of our nation and the nations of the world. He is doing so because He has a Gideon-sized army ready to run with reformation of the nations. While most ignore the reform-minded, our God deploys a plan that is built around them being active. He will be seen as Ruler of the Nations and Ruler of Culture- and those who get that be prepared to run.

God Will Raise An Eyebrow

The recent polling I have looked at says that better than 15% of potential voters have not yet decided who they are going to vote for. Logic alone tells us that this makes this a wide open election as no one has that kind of lead in any even “rigged” poll. I believe the Lord has shown me that on election day itself He will have many of these agreeing with Himself as He pulls the same strings with "free will" that principalities pull with those under them. (I say that for those who struggle with the concept of God doing so). I believe He has shown me that He can shift 7% of the vote His way with just the raising of His eyebrow. He is going to raise His eyebrow election day.

Working With God

I believe that the best way to work with God is to fill the atmosphere with speaking in tongues. Especially coming in to the last 7 days I believe that would be a wonderful strategy. First of all it would assure that the words coming out of your mouth are in agreement with the direction He is going :) Secondly it would begin to mine the second heavens causing the enemy to be weakened and confused. Thirdly if you do it enough I am certain the drink you take of the Holy Spirit will instruct you clearly on election day.

What if Who I Think Will Win Doesn’t Win?

For some who have discerned or directly heard from me who I believe will win - this may be a relevant question. First of all, I will be extremely surprised if the vision I saw ends of being wrong and then secondly it still changes none of the above except for the speed with which God will shift and change things. There is zero scenario where we are doomed. There is best scenario and then an ok scenario- but in any scenario God will remain King and His great angels assigned strategically will greatly influence. God is running with reformation whichever route He chooses- but I have heard no logic from Him yet as to why He would chose one of the candidates. I will ask Him if that should happen :) Meanwhile engage with Him in the process for these last three weeks as He is more the God of process than the God of checking the right box. He is always educating us and this is a wonderful time for advanced instruction. If not it is possible to vote for the “right” candidate and run with the wrong assumptions of why that candidate won. Let’s vote for the right candidate and for the right reasons. Either way God has already been elected King- and He will work with our fragile, imperfect, corrupted, media tainted electoral processes and put in for us the best possible outcome for our further education and our further destiny development. I proclaim on the mountain of government- OUR GOD REIGNS!



October 2, 2016 begins yet another remarkable season as we enter into year 5777 on the Hebraic Calendar. The numerology itself of this new year tells us it is an unprecedented year. The number 5 is the number representing Grace and 7 is the most sacred and mystical of all numbers and it represents Completion, Fullness, Perfection and the total spectrum of who God is. The scriptures tell us that there are “7 spirits of God” (Rev. 4:5 and 5:6) and that there are “7 eyes of God” (Rev. 5:6) and “7 horns” of God (also Rev. 5:6) These all speak to us of this spiritual connection between God and the number 7. The Bible also tells us that the rainbow and it’s 7 colors surround the throne room of God (Rev.4:3). The 777 dynamic of this year is something that only occurs once every 1000 years and it of course has never before come preceded by the significant number 5.

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My Recent Trip to Colombia


So much to process and share right now. My recent trip to Colombia had some remarkable highlights that I want to tell about because it gives a little insight of practical ways we can begin to cross over into "secular" settings with kingdom presence and kingdom solutions.

First of all, it was so interesting that while my siblings were texting me telling me my mom was in the last stages of life here on earth, I was in the home of a high government official praying for people to be healed- and delivered. A politicians' mother was healed from a totally deaf ear and she cried as her mother told how she could now hear. The power of God was strong in the house and tears, shaking and even demonic casting out was taking place. My phone kept buzzing with new texts about my mom but the government official kept bringing people before me that needed prayer and it really was the right thing to be about.

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