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Amanda Hastings


As I write this post the rain is still falling in Houston. What reportedly is the worst rainstorm in US history continues to drench Texas and now Louisiana- before it heads north to perhaps flood other states. In a matter of a few days 50 inches of rain has fallen. Surely no city on the earth could take that much water in such a short time without dire consequences. As of this moment the low loss of life has to be considered miraculous. Yet, a preliminary estimate has the damages of this disaster exceeding 100 billion dollars with a timetable of years before “normality" will ever come back to Houston, if at all. Even early in this process I believe that the Lord has something to say. Houston will rise again and be famed as a City of Hope- but I will get to that in a moment. First, I will address some relevant questions being asked.

Was it Judgment from God?

Suddenly prophecies of “judgment” have surfaced everywhere attaching Houston’s flooding to the large abortion center they have there or the fact that they had a gay mayor. As I ponder on that, I wonder why the city would not be flooded WHILE the gay mayor was still in office- and not sure why God couldn’t figure out how to isolate the abortion center with the flooding. If He is into saving innocent lives, why is He allowing so much harm to thousands of innocents (with some deaths) in order to teach that lesson? Could He not have just hit the abortion clinic with lightning bolts and made the message a little clearer? Why does God destroy the livelihood of thousands of innocents to judge the sin of a few? Even the "Old Testament God" wouldn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah- "if there were but 10 righteous”. Yet, here He is wiping out a city of millions in order to get to the evil minority? Tragically this type of thinking represents the status quo thinking for so many believers today. Sadly, it reveals our own broken perception of our Father which we then confidently/defiantly pass on to others. For the record, I don’t believe that this represents judgment from God. As Jesus told His own “judgment expectant” disciples in Luke 9:56, when they wanted to call down fire from heaven on those who resisted God in the flesh (could there a greater offense?)-“ the Son of Man came not to destroy lives but to save lives."

Was it the Devil?

Well, one thing we know is that the devil has a very reduced vision and mission statement and that is “to steal, kill and destroy”. Any time there is anything stolen, anyone killed or anything destroyed- it is good to suspect his involvement. Furthermore if people misbehaving (sin), gives him a legal right to destroy a city or nation, surely there is no city or nation in the world that is safe. However, though under substantial satanic duress, the world continues to expand its population, cities continues to grow, and even nations advance. Why is not every city with “abominable sinners" under water? If the answer to that question is that intercessors stem the judgment then why were they ignored in Houston? I happen to know there are some good ones there. Now, I am not necessarily going to give a lot of neat tidy answers to matters there aren’t neat and tidy answers for -but let me just tell you what I am hearing from the Lord. Creation too has a voice.

When Creation Groans and Travails

Romans 8:22 says that “creation groans and travails for the revealing of the sons of God.” What it doesn’t tell us is HOW creation groans and travails and what that looks like. I will suggest to you that many so called natural disasters are neither God, Satan or chance but an expression of creation crying out for the children of God to be who they are supposed to be- so that creation itself can be what it is called to be. Romans 8:21 says that “creation itself, will be brought into the glorious liberty of the sons of God”. 

I suppose in some way it could be considered “judgment” that we are not yet there, but it is not intended as judgment but rather a cry for freedom. We know that when Jesus died the earth shook and went dark, and that neither of these were connected to either an order from God or an involvement of Satan. Added to this mystery of creation having a voice, is the fact that certain angels are given latitudes we don’t fully know the limits to even if we have neat and tidy “angel doctrines”. In Exodus 23: 20,21 the Lord told Moses to tell the people to “not provoke" the angel that He was sending among them because if not he would not "pardon their transgressions". This angel was presumably Michael and we are not told exactly what his “not pardoning” would look like. I do know that I was told by the Spirit some time back that territorial angels were being given orders to do what was necessary to bring their cities, regions and nations into alignment with their destiny. Ultimately I believe we are going to see a lot more partnering between great angels and creation towards the reformation of cities and nations. If it strikes you as bizarre that creation would have intelligence, remember that at the quantum subatomic particle level everything has its own distinct frequency and sound. That frequency and sound represents some level of communicating intelligence even if it is operationally different than those made directly in His image. 

Hurricane Harvey

I don’t think there is any coincidence in the name that this storm was given. Harvey means “battle worthy” or “ready for war”. The name stood out to me because last year I was shown by the Spirit a very great angel of "Harvest Glory" nicknamed Harvey. I talked about it in a word I released right before the Azusa Now event in Los Angeles ("Azusa Now: The Convergence of the Ages and the Harvest Glory Angel". Elijah List) I was shown that he was a great angel that had wide parameters of operation and that he was being released at another level at the stadium event. I had a couple people later contact me saying they saw this great angel there and described him similarly to how I described him- with one even drawing what they saw. He is huge and glorious and carries a sickle that operates as an extension of himself. He is all about harvesting people and nations and is always associated with bringing great economic help and releasing great anointing and spiritual mantles. His initial activation, as it were, in the United States was at the 1906 Azusa Street Revival. All the shifts and changes of the last year are very connected to the breakthrough of the Azusa Now event and Hurricane Harvey is now taking it to the next level. I believe this angel is being activated as a "heavenly hurricane" at this time and extreme anointed change/reform is what he is bringing. More explanation coming.

Coming Through Corpus Christi

Of no coincidence either is that the hurricane came through Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi means “the Body of Christ” and this is where the spiritual hurricane is now going to come through as we are thrust into the harvest glory of revival AND reformation. The nations are the reward HE is due for the suffering He went through. Corpus Christi was deeply affected by the powerful winds and over 20 inches of rain - but they were not devastated. Likewise the church is about to experience powerful, unignorable winds of the Holy Spirit and a flooding of new manifestations and levels of His glory. There is definitely correction involved in this powerful visitation- but it is all to serve the greater glory. Expect to see an increase of strong winds of reformation for the Body of Christ. 

A 500-Year Flood/500 Year Anniversary of Protestant Reformation

It has been reported multiple times already that the flooding from Harvey is a one-in-500 year event (some say perhaps even one-in-1000 year event). It has already been confirmed as the greatest rainfall in our nations history. We have also been pointing out that this year we celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, with the understanding that we are now going into Reformation 2.0 -the reformation of nations. Harvey coming on the heels of a most rare total solar eclipse further confirms to us that we have entered into unprecedented days of kingdom advance (more on that in recent prophetic words as well). Jesus is not now coming FOR us, as many are mistakingly perceiving, but He is now coming TO us. It is a “coming" of sorts- but after coming TO us, He is going to come THROUGH us, before it will be time to come FOR us. Before that stage 3 “coming" we will be a spotless Bride, worthy of her majestic Bridegroom, but we are far from that at this time. Whatever plan you make, let it be at least 100 years.

September 23, 2017 Coming of Jesus?

As an aside, the September 23 constellation alignment date that many are believing matches Revelation 12 is not as rare as being reported. About 90% of the “rare” alignments happen every year and the Jupiter quotient happens every 12 years. It is somewhat rare, but less so than the eclipse. The heavens ARE speaking and declaring the glory of God, but is all about Him coming TO us and THROUGH us and not about Him coming FOR us. He would be the Author of failure and a miscarried master plan if He returned now. In America, it seems half the church “hated" Obama during the last presidency (and they let me know that when I informed how God was using him) and now the other half “hates" Trump (and they let me know that when I tell how God is using him :)). We are primarily an undiscerning, bickering, powerless, low-grade-love, church at this time (yikes- sorry) and not really something that our doting Father is proud to present to Jesus as His Bride. The good news is He loves us passionately anyway and He is going to pour out His liquid love on us until we abandon our old “homes” and find higher ground. All we need is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. He is going to flood us until it is the only real story in town.

Why Houston?

I believe we do a tremendous misreading of events and reality if we look at Houston as deserving this flooding in any way. Yes, there have been abortionists and homosexuals prominently displayed in this city, but that in no wise sums up who this city is. Houston has been the oil capital of the United States and it has also been known as “Space City” because of the presence of NASA and the Houston Command Center that saw us land on the moon among other significant space accomplishments. It is also a major “Bible Belt” city with many great churches, as well as the largest church in America, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. While a religious spirit has been a significant detriment to the kingdom of God in Houston, it is still a city with many friends of God. A yet more amazing destiny awaits Houston.

Hope and Joel Osteen

Here I might surprise many of you and tell you that Joel Osteen is very popular - in heaven. He has been bashed by much of the church for being “an inch deep and a mile wide” but that is not heaven’s perspective at all. The rarest commodity on planet earth for sometime has been hope. Even people who will champion love are often very challenged in their hope levels. True hope is something you have to intentionally cultivate and though it can look like shallow "positive thinking"- when it is real, it is almost the greatest force on earth. Joel Osteen has built his life and ministry on developing and releasing hope. If you ever just feel discouraged turn on the TV and find Joel Osteen somewhere. You will immediately feel encouraged. Beyond his words there is an anointing he carries that is tied in to multigenerational blessings that are on him. He has a church of over 50,000, millions of followers on social media, through TV he reaches over 20 million a month in over 100 nations, he has 7 NY Times best seller books, there are radio stations that play his messages around the clock - and in every ministry expression you will find yourself exposed to and infected by hope. He is widely followed by “unbelievers” because they are starving for the hope he dishes out. Somehow he has figured out that a minister of the "good news” has to carry a spirit of good news. Joel Osteen is the world's greatest exporter of this rarest resource on the planet- hope. Furthermore he has had to defend his hopeful perspective on God and life in setting after setting - both secular or religious. If you look up his name, he has been labeled a “prosperity preacher” and that is somehow in todays Christian environment a no-no. Do we really want “poverty preachers” or “despair preachers”? Is that really what we think is the true essence of the gospel (which means “good news”)? Did Jesus really come and promote abundant poverty and challenge? Or did He say I come that you might have abundant life (John 10:10)? If poverty were a virtue would it not exist in heaven? Does anyone believe that’s the case? Yes, I know there are and have been “prosperity preachers” who use it to manipulate for great offerings. Joel is not one of those. Oh that the Christian world would embrace the God that is presented by Joel Osteen. If being hopeful and joyful is “shallow", then heaven must also be shallow. 

Joel’s Army?

I have been shown that something about this whole Houston flooding has to do with God promoting Joel Osteen. Perhaps that is why there was a quick and unfair cheap shot taken at him and his church by the press. Believe me God is promoting him. Joel will now be invited to spiritually spearhead the rebuilding of Houston. While many are thinking and saying that the city needs to be given up on- God has other things in mind. Houston will rise again and be known as a City of Hope. There is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to recognize that God the Redeemer is up to something big as it relates to the restoration of Houston. The spirit of death and the spirit of religion is being flooded out of town and it is going to allow for this city to arise as a model of reformation. Houston was named after Samuel Houston and the Samuel anointing is going to rise in the city. Samuel was the prophet who carried oil. Houston has been known for natural oil - but will now be known for spiritual oil. The Hope Reformation oil from what God does in the city will spread and “anoint” cities that will arise like David and kill their Goliaths. The “Joel’s Army” for today, will be those that arise in the same spirit as the appropriately named Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen is being commissioned and empowered to raise a “Joel’s Army” and they will be victorious as the name of his life and ministry partner Victoria Osteen would tell us. Corpus of Christi get behind this man and couple and pick up of his spirit- even for yourself. You need what he carries to thrive in the coming days.

Healing the Gulf with Mexico

Hurricane Harvey did not cross the Atlantic as the eventual category 4 storm it became. That dynamic happened as it came into the Gulf of Mexico where the water was described as “unusually hot”. Overheated waters in the Gulf of Mexico caused the Hurricane build up. While many in our nation (perhaps inspired by our President) are arising with anti-immigrant sentiment, none of that is pleasing to the Lord. Though God is using President Trump for many important matters and will yet use him for greater matters- this is not an area where he expresses the heartbeat of God. Accordingly expect him to progressively retreat from that posture. This whole Hurricane phenomenon has many pieces of the puzzle- but one of them is that an undesirable “heating of the waters” existed that played out in undesirable consequences. This is a time for healing of the gulf WITH Mexico. Part of the incendiary national discourse taking place has to do with a need to repair thoughts and dialogue regarding hispanic immigrants. Now is a real good time for that.

250,000 Immigrants will be Needed To Rebuild

After the initial multi-billion dollar damages pay out there will be a major boom in the building industry caused by the flooded region (add Louisiana to that mix). While many in America are operating to the distorted narrative that hispanic immigrants are “taking our jobs”, the reality is that even BEFORE Harvey the national building industry was in great need of workers. Overall the nation has over 6 million jobs available that are not being filled. We already have an almost record low unemployment level and this is only going to go down. Our nation is presently more in need of workers than jobs. President Trump is also about to embark on a major rebuilding of America infrastructure initiative that might cost above a trillion and demand hundreds of thousands of workers willing to do that type of work. Who are the workers willing to do that kind of work? As you know it is primarily the hispanic immigrant population (legal or otherwise) that is famed for their work ethic and that has been building America for some time. We must end our misperception of their role in America as they have been very key for us and will now be extremely key for us. 

Watch as the real numbers come out and you will see that we will need a force of around 250,000 to rebuild Houston and we will either have to allow for special work permits to abound or re-think our immigration policies. There is nothing wrong with making our borders more secure but there is attached dialogue that has created an unnecessary rift/gulf with Mexico and Latin America and with the immigrant populace in general. Telling and retelling anecdotal violent exceptions from the latino immigrant pool only “heats up the waters” in an unnecessary way. Body of Christ, lets get back to the assignment of being "ministers of reconciliation" as we are biblically charged to do (2 Cor. 5:18-21). Furthermore Jesus is still saying “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Mt. 5:9). It is of no coincidence that the 67 mile wide "path of totality" for the recent total eclipse essentially began in Salem, Oregon and that a total of 7 Salems were in that path. The word Salem means “peace” or “peaceful” and God has a Psalm 67 “face shining on us” reality as we embrace that. I will tell you that “creation itself” is going to continue to "act up" in ways that look like “judgment” until we abandon the hostile, polarized thinking and talking that we have been deeply engaged in. The Corpus of Christ (Body of Christ) must take the lead in this and in doing so you might have to abandon some of your present “talking points”. There has been an expanded “gulf” along racial lines FOR CHRISTIANS since the election and we all have opportunities to tone down the rhetoric and become the blessed "Salem/Shalom makers". May we quickly respond as we ought. I believe that we will.

-Johnny Enlow


Amanda Hastings

This August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be experienced over the totality of the United States. This eclipse will speak of a convergence of convergences over our nation and it is significant. A secular report stated, “A total eclipse is a dance of three partners: the moon, the sun, and the earth,” and this is what we will be looking at. In symbolism, the sun (light) speaks of God, the moon speaks of the church (reflected light), and the earth speaks of the world (object of the light). There is a rare alignment of the three that will cause the unusual phenomenon and attraction called a total solar eclipse. 

For our nation this will be the first coast to coast total eclipse in 99 years (1918). Additionally, it will be the first total solar eclipse of its kind for the United States since 1776 when we became a nation. These realities alone tell us that this eclipse is messaging something very unique. There will be a path 67 miles wide from Oregon to South Carolina where there will be minutes of total darkness. Millions will travel into this “sash" across America to gaze at the heavens and watch the interplay between the sun and the moon. They will see a sunset and sunrise, of sorts, take place just minutes apart from each other and it will be visually stunning because of the quick shifting between “black and white.” Related to this, we are headed for an extended season of black and white power confrontations with the demonic that are going to be strategically set up by God in order to accelerate kingdom advancement. We are going to carry this into the 7 mountains of society as kingdom reformation advances begin to come in with power. More on that in a moment…


Now there are some who have gotten impatient for the full manifestation of the prophesied breakthroughs over America and the world. However, we must realize that it has, in fact, been happening and coming in a sequence of relentless waves. For instance, the Azusa Now timetable and events DID release an important wave; the Trump presidency represents another wave; even the Brexit vote from last year is a contributing wave; the celebrating of the Hebraic year 5777 is very significant and I have spoken into that multiple times. Significant also is that this year we will celebrate 500 years since the Protestant Reformation erupted, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the doors of the Wittenberg Chapel. We have since then lived in the afterglow of that doctrinal victory— we now have 2.4 billion followers of Jesus who by and large understand that salvation is only through the blood of Jesus. Even the Catholic Church has amended its foundational tenet on salvation to reflect that. We now enter into Reformation 2.0 where it is all about reformation of society— an entirely different genre of reformation. For 500 years, we primarily celebrated our access into heaven, and now we will enter an era where we will celebrate heaven breaking into society. We will go from being excessively future heavenly-minded to being champions of “on earth as it is in heaven,” thus embracing Jesus original "magna carta" as stated in Matthew chapters 5 through 7.

We are also in the 50 year celebration of Jerusalem’s remarkable reconnection with Israel, as well as the 50 year anniversary of the Jesus Movement. There are so many other convergences as well, but to not overwhelm you with those, I will leave it at that. Just know that we are in a remarkable convergence of convergences and that many Christian leaders are misreading the times as being particularly difficult, “critical,” or otherwise panic-worthy— but the truth is that the opposite is true. Kingdom gains are unprecedented. The reason some of us are a bit anxious and confused is because some of us are a bit out of tune and sync with God and His present storyline. It requires us ascending to a higher place than our own skills of observation and logic, and into accessing the mind of Christ. We have to learn how to be Calebs when our tendency is to process like the 10 spies.

AUGUST 21 and ROMANS 8:21

August 21 is of course 08/21. I was led to go to Romans 8:21 as significant: “Because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of decay into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.” God is about assist us in being delivered from our own personal “decay,” so that we can give away what we have. We have offered society very little other than our finger-pointing. It is not our finger-pointing that delivers society but rather our own "glorious liberty.” I was shown that we as the church are quite demonized at this time, as I saw a picture of us having “critters” hanging all over us— perhaps similar to what Rick Joyner described in his book, The Final Quest. From the day of the coming solar eclipse on, there is going to be a skyrocketing of unavoidable power clashes between the demonic and that which is the kingdom of God. This will be orchestrated by God to accelerate this defining age of reformation and era of renaissance. Many of us are catering to and even nurturing the demonic in our own lives— and just like in an eclipse, things are about to go clearly "black and white.” As that happens, it will accelerate us getting gloriously free. As we get free we will help THEM get free— and there is no THEM. It is all US. A heavenly reset takes place August 21, and this reset is going to cause demonic confrontations to come back out of the back rooms into open meetings and more importantly into open places on the 7 Mountains. The tops of the mountains of society are highly demonized, and we are not going to occupy the mountains on behalf of the kingdom unless we begin to better carry a demon-busting anointing. He is going to help us do this.


My attention was quite drawn to the fact that there will be a 67-mile wide path of the total dark part of the eclipse all from the shores of Oregon (West Coast) and to the shores of South Carolina (East Coast). I was shown that this path will release, as it were, an "open heaven" for the prophetic— from sea to shining sea. The cities on the pathway are significant and even as multitudes of “seers” will be gathering and be given the best views imaginable for heavenly highlights— so too will this stripe across the nation experience an increased measure of the prophetic. Spiritual eagles will arise across this pathway of “totality" and release hope and life across this nation. It is not coincidental that essentially where The Elijah List is based from in Albany, Oregon, is where the eclipse will begins. Key cities in the path are Kansas City (essential nest of many of the prophets of our generation), Nashville and Charleston, and South Carolina where it all ends. Major prophetic windows will remain open over these cities (and the others in the pathway) from the day this reset takes place. The Elijah List will begin to release higher and higher levels of revelation into the nation and the world. A more hopeful and hope-filled prayer, holiness, and justice movement will emerge from Kansas City. The new Nashville prophets will particularly show up in music and the arts. A new reformation sound is coming. Charleston will surprise us with a new upgraded mix of the apostolic and prophetic. However, watch the whole path all across the nation as an opening will be across all cities in the pathway. It will also be special in places like Salem, Oregon; Casper, Wyoming; and Lincoln, Nebraska. There is almost nothing coincidental about this particular solar eclipse, and virtually every detail is speaking a prophetic message as “the heavens declare the glory of God.” The 67 mile-wide pathway is one of those. 

Psalm 67:1 “God be merciful to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine upon us. Selah.”  The whole chapter of Psalm 67 is exciting and insightful, but this first verse really lays out God’s heart for America at this time and is a connection we are to be making with the 67 number. The middle of the chapter tells of God judging the people justly and governing the nations of the earth. This is all part of what God is doing and further orchestrating even through what seems like the chaotic presidency of Donald Trump. The anticipated point of a total solar eclipse is to be able to look at the sun (with appropriate eyewear of course) and see the sun shining on us. The Biblical terminology of “face shining on us” is always representative of favor and grace. This is still a season of great mercy and blessing on the United States. Whatever other “hiccup” happens, we must never lose sight of this.

The 67 number is also to connect us with 1967. We are at the 50 year mark of The Jesus Movement and there is to be a celebrating and revisiting of that move of God, as well as being taken to the next level of Holy Spirit activity. The Jesus Movement was spearheaded by a young, on fire for God, hippie named Lonnie Frisbee. He was not only the catalyst for that movement, but also for the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard denominations who essentially owe their existence to this man. Lonnie Frisbee has not really been honored properly for his role in any of those three movements because of his struggles with homosexuality that became public, eventually subsequently succumbing to AIDS. What seems to be most forgotten by religious leaders that want to diminish Frisbee’s role in that world-shifting time period, is that God chose to use this man to release the great spiritual breakthrough of his generation. 

The Lord has shown me that there is yet a proper honoring of Lonnie Frisbee that is to come on earth. As much as people may be aware of how he failed the church, if people knew all the truth, they would be aware that the church failed Lonnie more than Lonnie failed the church. With a pure loving heart, Lonnie started out with manifestations of raw power of God reflected in great authority over demons. He quickly became a sensation because of the anointing on his life. Once you become famous in church circles, the road is often very treacherous as those in influential places are often quite wounded and therefore prone to treachery. When everyone knows that your presence at their church, meeting, or event can add people, legitimacy, and money— then all kinds of manipulations get brought into place that can dishearten the most pure-hearted. The brokenness in church leadership was very damaging to Lonnie Frisbee and caused him to regress in areas of his wounding. Nevertheless, I believe the Lord is about to release 50 “Lonnie Frisbee” mantles and these will operate again initially and primarily outside the 4 walls of the church. These will be those new leaders who march to the beat of a different drum, love the unlovely, and burn with a passionate fire for God’s kingdom to be released on the earth. They will be known by great authority over demons and an unconditional love for “sinners.” Church, watch out, because out of the woodpile of brokenness is about to arise a new breed of leaders who will burn with so much intensity that our status quo will be forever challenged. 


I have found myself surprised at what the Lord has recently shown me. He showed me our demonized condition even as the church, and He said it is time to get back to a balanced perspective on deliverance. We over-corrected and are suffering because of it. One of the things that came in strongly from the time of The Jesus Movement was an attention to casting out demons— which up until then, much of the church considered as not necessary or not biblical. People like Lonnie Frisbee spearheaded the popularizing of “exorcisms,” but soon it was a central focus all throughout the Pentecostal/Charismatic community. Many will remember the very popular book released in 1973, Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Hammond, as that expanded this focus in a great way. Soon, everything was a demon. Popular comedian Flip Wilson was maybe best-known for his phrase “the devil made me do it” that seems to have come out of that prevailing mindset in the church of that day. I was in a movement that essentially wanted every single person to go through personal deliverance. You were seated in a chair and demons were commanded to manifest and then cast out. The whole thing did get carried away. It became gimmicky as well, as all sorts of new “exorcism” models came out— some where you just stated a sin or issue and followed with a cough that you generated to expel the demon. There was some fruit from that model but it greatly diminished its power encounter effect. In its out-of-balance state, almost no attention was given to heart and soul matters. Counseling was minimized and sometimes demonized. Every problem was always a demon. Homosexuality was a demon. Cancer was a demon. Lust was a demon. A bad attitude was a demon. Laziness was a demon. I had someone try to cast out an “Enlow spirit” and I wondered what that spirit was before there were Enlows. As you see, a truth had been restored to the Body of Christ but it went too far. 

However, the Lord says we have now gone too far in our correction. Whereas, in past days people essentially tried to cast out “the flesh,” now we are trying to counsel and manage demons. We are taking and recommending medicines and drugs to treat demonic conditions. You don’t manage demons with drugs and counsel— you cast out demons. Yes, the counsel should precede and then followup on the demonic eviction— but demons still need to be cast out. I have taught a pretty good theory that demons are like flies— they are attracted to garbage. If you get rid of the garbage (lies or whatever it is that needs to be addressed), the flies/demons will leave as well. However, the Lord reminded me that this is only generally true and not a hard rule. He showed me how He, in the scriptures, cast out demons and that at times, that act alone solved the whole problem. In Matthew 8, he cast out Legion (thousands of demons) from one man and that very day they saw him in his right mind. He apparently was fixed of the “garbage” at the same time. In Matthew 9, Jesus casts a mute demon out of a man and he immediately could speak. He reminded me when I did that same thing. I didn’t have to cast the demon out and then counsel the garbage out— I just cast the demon out and the root matter was fixed. In my case, it was actually quite humorous as I discerned a mute/dumb spirit on a man who had not talked in months or years, and so I told him to speak to me in Jesus name. The demon answered “I can’t talk” and I had to say “you are the dumbest dumb spirit ever.” The man was freely talking after we finished casting out the spirit. 

I do value the wisdom of Luke 11:24-26 in making sure there is follow-up spiritual “filling up of the house” after demons have been cast out; but there are times where the demon-busting takes care of the issue— body, soul, and spirit. Honestly, this seems to be more indicative of the way Jesus did ministry and I believe we are about to get a church-wide upgrade in what is accomplished through exorcising demons. Society is so broken that we need this upgrade as we just don’t—and especially won’t— have the time for the slower process. The days are coming back where someone will get delivered from demons and all addiction is gone for good. Demons that have confused one’s sexual identity will be cast out, and someone will immediately revert back to proper sexual identity. A lot of “one and done” is coming through the new demon-busting anointing being poured out. We are to remain as God-chasers rather than demon-chasers, but as we chase God and release His love, we are going to happen on to demonic confrontations. There are over 40 passages in the New Testament that speak into demonic confrontations. Jesus only did what He saw the Father do, yet at every turn He was casting out demons. In Matthew 12:28, He said, “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.” Casting out demons remains a definitive sign and mark of the kingdom coming. It is now going to go to another level.


Even as in the natural, millions are positioning themselves to see things “black and white” from the total solar eclipse phenomenon, so too there is a spiritual hunger for black and white truth. Everything seems to be arguable, debatable, and subject to ones personal interpretation of truth. Even “fake news” is disputable by all, as people pick sides on the news based on their personal prejudices. The church is no better in any of this. The good message of grace has settled in so well that it seems to also have sedated our conscience. Profanity, drunkenness, sexual immorality, gossip, drug use, envy, and judgmentalism no longer seem to register on the conscience radar.

Preaching or speaking against any of these also seems to be counterproductive as harping on sin rarely gets to root matters. 


This leads me to a recent story involving one of my daughters who was at a Christian camp for two weeks. There they experienced much of the work of the Holy Spirit and then over the last few days some things came to a head involving demonic activity. As I understand it, there ended up being almost an all night long meeting with the kids being delivered from demon spirits— as this was just next in the Lord’s work in their lives. One night when my daughter and handful of friends returned to where they were staying, they all became aware of heightened demonic activity. At least one of the kids was actually able to physically see the demon spirit. Most of them were hearing the spirit and all of them were feeling a very real presence that had them all pressing in to God and frankly quite frightened. For hours they were speaking in tongues and fighting this demonic presence but not able to gain victory. Suddenly one of the kids (I think my daughter) said “Let’s delete every questionable thing off of our social media.” They all went through all their pictures, videos, and music, and anything that came to mind as a possible access point for the enemy was deleted. Immediately the demonic presence was gone and never came back. The lesson was amazing. 

We give the enemy “portals” through what we embrace on our social media. I had previously had conversations with my daughter as to what the guidelines were for what she allowed herself to be exposed to in music and movies. I had a little concern that though she is a great kid, her taste in movies was a little dark, and some of her music was beyond neutral as well. We had a few conversations but I could see that she was not understanding what it could hurt to watch movies such as Conjurer. Yet the night of great fear, she and another kid were sensing a repeat scene from that movie. Amazingly, since that experience, my daughter is a different person as to what she allows in through her social media. Things are “black and white” where they were gray. The demonic confrontation clarified matters and now her appetite for the questionable is gone. Copious hours of worship are now going into her social media experience. 

I-35 Highway of Holiness and Demonic Confrontations

I have had several prophetic words over the years regarding a connection between I-35 and the Isaiah 35 “Highway of Holiness,” I have been shown that even the cities on I-35 will be instrumental in awakening the “Highway of Holiness” (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Des Monies, Wichita, Minneapolis, Denton, Fort Worth). Because of that, I was interested exactly where the “path of totality” would cross I-35 as I knew it would be significant. Interestingly enough, the total eclipse crosses over I-35 as it is crossing Kansas City. I see Kansas City becoming a portal of heaven for a true “holiness” movement, not based on legalisms and do’s and don’ts, but on deep affection for God. I also believe that just like I-35 runs through the geographical heart of our nation, so too will God cause a “highway of holiness” to run through the spiritual heart of our nation. The “black and white” confrontations are going to assist greatly in promoting holiness just like it happened for my daughter and her friends. Demons are going to accelerate the kingdom of God on earth :) We are not going to have to just count on convincing this generation through preaching at them that certain things are wrong. It is about to become black and white obvious. I have cast out a spirit named Profanity and so it has always reminded me that though we are free to be “real” with our language, at some point we are crossing over into defilement. I have also cast out a demon named Insomnia, which tells me at some point things can progress beyond natural reasons. I have cast out Cancer, Lust, Hate, Bitterness, Uncleanness, Addiction, Alcoholism, Sexual Immorality and many other demons that also sound like something that there is a natural reason for. All I know is that I saw a vision of the Body of Christ harboring demons and that we need to stop doing that so that we can then carry into creation and society the “glorious liberty” He has for us.


Finally, let me report that another total solar eclipse will be visible in 7 years in America on April 8, 2024. This is essentially a rare back-to-back experience. As you can see this carries us through a projected Trump Presidency— should he also win the next election, which I believe he will do (according to how I have been shown vs. a political perspective). If you do an internet search for the map that has the pathway for each, you will see it looks like a giant X on the United States with Carbondale, Illinois being the city that will be in the path of totality both times— and that is a most rare phenomenon. Carbondale is in a region known informally as “Little Egypt” which I find quite interesting. In the Bible, Egypt experienced a plague of darkness right before Israel was liberated from 400 years of bondage. America was first settled by the pilgrims approximately 400 years ago, and perhaps this timetable represents America stepping into such an advanced and glorious destiny that it will seem like “bondage” before then. That is what I will be believing for. Meanwhile let the “black and white” clarity from kingdom clashes come over us all.

Johnny Enlow

California Gold and the Redding of California


Back in 2013 I released a couple of prophetic words regarding another “gold rush" coming to California. Some aspects of those words have been fulfilled, but the Lord has been speaking to me that the next level  of fulfillment of those prophetic words is ready to engage now. There is a another "gold rush" about to ignite over California. Back in 2013, I was told that 90 percent of California’s treasure remains untapped. 90 percent of the original Mother Lode of gold (an area approximately 4 miles by 120 miles) has never been extracted. I will share more on that later in this word. California is called "The Golden State" and is informally known as "El Dorado" (Golden) and "The Land of Milk and Honey." It is truly a "Promised Land" that was seemingly hidden to all but Native Americans for centuries. One day we are going to find out some mysteries about ancient California that are going to simply amaze us. Any study of the layers and geological plates of California will tell you that there was something intense going on here a long time ago that we really know very little about. It is a special and chosen land, and there is a reason that many historic revivals were birthed here. There is a reason the whole world has been advanced through the economic and social media platforms developed here. It is a land uniquely precious to the Holy Spirit because of some ancient history we don’t presently know about. An ancient evil was judged here and that ancient evil keeps contending for California again. I believe a portal of glory resides over this state and it is imperative that we as believers never cease contending for its full opening. When it opens it touches the world. When it is closed the world is harmed. It is presently, partially open and in process of opening more, but another level is coming.

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Every year at about this time I am moved to a place of great hope as God shows me some of the things He will do in the coming year. This year the hope and the joy is almost uncontainable. 2016 was a year of the convergence of the ages with the Azusa Revival 110th anniversary and our national presidential election being the highlights. I have written much about both of them, and it is important to note that one year builds on a previous year and important events and celebrations release greater events and celebrations. 

Rosh Hashanah 2015 to Rosh Hashanah 2016 brought us the 70th year of Jubilee and this unprecedented year of Jubilee brought us God’s choice of Donald Trump as President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. Trump at age 70 became elected President of this nation during the Hebraic year 5777. On inauguration day he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. Because the Electoral College changed some votes it allowed Trump to end up with exactly 77 more electoral votes. 7 is the prime number of God and is why there are 7 spirits of God.

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TRUMPQUAKE! What's Next?


With the election of Donald J. Trump, the United States and the world itself has just experienced a global-rattling earthquake, which will release tsunami waves of reformation changes for some time. No matter who wins elections, God remains King at all times and this time, because He is King, He chose and voted in the man of His choice. In the matrix of the spirit realm, as He placed Trump into power, He also released unprecedented wave after wave of the hosts of heaven. These heavenly hosts have heavily damaged three major principalities over government, media, and the economy - and will continue to do so. The principalities were conspiring and doing everything in their power to sabotage this political result. They are not afraid of Trump’s righteousness, but rather they're afraid of the size of the heavenly army they see moving in synchronicity with him. In this day it's important for all of us to understand that this is not about politics.  It's not about left or right. It's not about our favorite political issue or our debates over the character or lack of it in "our candidate." This is about recognizing that God has intervened in the affairs of man and learning to agree with Him.

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Election Update: God Will Vote- and Win


We are 3 weeks away from the United States Presidential Election and it is either still all up for grabs- or if you believe most of the main media polls it is all over and Hillary Clinton has in essence already won. For a truer polling perspective perhaps follow Rasmussen polls as they seem to be more devoid of a personal agenda in their polling. One day we will understand the value of having a kingdom polling institution that is recognized by the people for its objectivity- but for now we can exist with what is here.

Hillary or Donald?

However, this post is not to give you analysis of the present polling nor to wrestle with you to vote one way or the other. This post is to state that this election God has decided to put in who He wants in and He is going to do so. We already know that if His two options are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that in either case He will be working with imperfect vessels. Furthermore the person that does win has some foundational policies and ways of presently thinking that God does not support- yet He has chosen this person and is going to work with this person. God will be the King that He is and the next president will be His pawn. This is as sure as sure can be and you can rest in that reality. No matter who wins- America will move forward into advanced destiny and in that yes there will be some trials as well- but it will be overall a very good thing. I saw a vision of the person I believe will be President, set on fire by the Lord and totally consumed by Him once this person was sworn in. There is a great fiery angel that oversees our Presidential seat and he is given specific parameters by our God related to who is in. It is why it is so hard to get a good read right now because neither candidate is presently truly representative of the Lord’s heart for people- or even this nation. One of them however has a prewiring designed to make them a better pawn for our God.

Drink Before You Think. Drink Before You Vote.

It takes discernment to know who to vote for at this time and the more susceptible to the political spirit you are- the more difficulty you will have in discerning. I did receive an instruction from the Lord some time ago - “Drink before you think” and “Drink before you vote.”- that might be really good for all of us at this time. The drinking He was talking about was the drinking in of the Holy Spirit. When you drink in of the Holy Spirit He begins to show you two things- #1 is who the Father is appointing President and #2 is who the enemy is scared to death of and working overtime to defeat. Sometimes if you can’t discern what God is doing you need only look at who the enemy is conspiring against to know a right direction.

God Will Not Be Defeated

Here is the deal- THIS ELECTION GOD WILL NOT BE DEFEATED. He often lets a nation in essence chose who they want as He can still show His sovereignty and teach important lessons even in that process. This election however is unique. If you think territorial principalities are good at imposing their will on a people under their influence- you can raise that ability by a hundred times and you have our God’s capabilities to impose His will. He rarely does it but He always CAN do it. It is His Sovereign right since through Jesus He regained ALL authority in heaven AND ON EARTH (Mt.28:18). It is the year 5777 and the Triune Godhead will fully intervene in a 777 complete manner. This election He has predetermined some outcomes and He is quite good at influencing our “free will” when He chooses to do so. One day when we all get to look "behind the curtain" we will see that our democracies have all been much less decided by our voting than what we imagined. Many elections in many nations have been “stolen” but in none of them has God been left without a voice or an option. He can execute a leader on the spot (see Herod) or He can send one angel in to take out an army of 185,000 (2 Kings 19:35). God is never option-less nor as handicapped by our free will as we might think. Our free will doesn’t dictate to God but only instructs us later as to why God chose the route He did to do what He did. Adam and Eve exercised “free will” in the garden but it did not surprise nor dictate to God- it only allowed us to later understand why Jesus was the Lamb slain from BEFORE the foundation of the earth. His Sovereignty makes room for our free will but He yet remains Sovereign. So God is observing how we vote this year but He is not wringing His hands at the potential outcomes. It is mainly for our own future learning.

God’s Lose/Lose Proposition?

This year God has some seeming lose/lose propositions. If He puts Trump in- He can have people assuming that means He’s a protectionist, nationalistic-me first, less compassionate, crude is ok- God. Nothing can be further from the truth. If He puts Hillary in- He can have people believing He winks at a lot of lying, corruption and manipulation. That is also extremely far from the truth. Each candidate’s core character may only be about 10% different from each other (I will leave the judging to God)- yet one candidate’s "hard wiring" is very conducive for God accelerating a work in our time and one is not. I believe GOD is going to accelerate a work in our time. It is the dawn of the kingdom age and we are in a kairos season of God’s intentional “tinkering” with the destiny of our nation and the nations of the world. He is doing so because He has a Gideon-sized army ready to run with reformation of the nations. While most ignore the reform-minded, our God deploys a plan that is built around them being active. He will be seen as Ruler of the Nations and Ruler of Culture- and those who get that be prepared to run.

God Will Raise An Eyebrow

The recent polling I have looked at says that better than 15% of potential voters have not yet decided who they are going to vote for. Logic alone tells us that this makes this a wide open election as no one has that kind of lead in any even “rigged” poll. I believe the Lord has shown me that on election day itself He will have many of these agreeing with Himself as He pulls the same strings with "free will" that principalities pull with those under them. (I say that for those who struggle with the concept of God doing so). I believe He has shown me that He can shift 7% of the vote His way with just the raising of His eyebrow. He is going to raise His eyebrow election day.

Working With God

I believe that the best way to work with God is to fill the atmosphere with speaking in tongues. Especially coming in to the last 7 days I believe that would be a wonderful strategy. First of all it would assure that the words coming out of your mouth are in agreement with the direction He is going :) Secondly it would begin to mine the second heavens causing the enemy to be weakened and confused. Thirdly if you do it enough I am certain the drink you take of the Holy Spirit will instruct you clearly on election day.

What if Who I Think Will Win Doesn’t Win?

For some who have discerned or directly heard from me who I believe will win - this may be a relevant question. First of all, I will be extremely surprised if the vision I saw ends of being wrong and then secondly it still changes none of the above except for the speed with which God will shift and change things. There is zero scenario where we are doomed. There is best scenario and then an ok scenario- but in any scenario God will remain King and His great angels assigned strategically will greatly influence. God is running with reformation whichever route He chooses- but I have heard no logic from Him yet as to why He would chose one of the candidates. I will ask Him if that should happen :) Meanwhile engage with Him in the process for these last three weeks as He is more the God of process than the God of checking the right box. He is always educating us and this is a wonderful time for advanced instruction. If not it is possible to vote for the “right” candidate and run with the wrong assumptions of why that candidate won. Let’s vote for the right candidate and for the right reasons. Either way God has already been elected King- and He will work with our fragile, imperfect, corrupted, media tainted electoral processes and put in for us the best possible outcome for our further education and our further destiny development. I proclaim on the mountain of government- OUR GOD REIGNS!